Cloud PMS Software for Entrepreneur

Start a new business like we do.

Become a Software Vendor

Save yourself the time and effort it takes to manage a software by letting our expert staff do it for you.
So you can focus on sales and marketing to establish your brand and promote your business.

What do software vendor get?

Complete white label PMS software, Booking Engine designed specially for entrepreneur to start stand alone online
PMS software business for hotelier and online travel agency.

  • Non-Stop improving booking engine and PMS:
    We are working non-stop to improve our core functionality or introduce new feature. To manage such kind booking engine and improvement you will require dedicated skilled development team but it's comes free.

  • High speed server and security:
    Eligible server resource can cost you minimum $100's / per month and need dedicated maintenance and update team for rest of life & it's come free with your booking engine.

  • Built-in channel management system :
    Integrate channel manager with custom PMS require lots custom work and constant monitoring and improve support with all latest technologies but it's comes free.

  • White label branding:
    No cloud based application offer white label branding for core level and allow you to remove copyright text, while its complete white label without any additional cost.

  • Next-Generation Content Delivery Network:
    Date deliver to 28 data center around the world, so no matter where is your user are, they will get fastest loading site and it will reduce http request to improve best user experience.

  • Industry leading Security by Google Authentication:
    Each console have unique URL to prevent unauthorized access and super secured by Google's 2 step verification. So no one can access your data even if your username and password compromise it's security.

  • Accept payment directly to your bank with PCI compliance:
    Renting server with Credit Card Payment Verification Standard can add additional cost in your monthly budget when all our Cloud PMS user enjoy it free, Only A valid SSL certificate required.

  • Pay as you Go - No contract or commitment required:
    Never pay more than you use or commit more than you need. GoReserva grow with your business needs.

  • No booking fee or commission:
    As an software vendor, you can have unlimited properties and rooms so you don't have to worry about profit margin. We never charge any booking handling fees!

  • More than Just Booking Engine:
    GoReserva Cloud PMS just not only booking engine it also offer award winning Joomla content management for super admin to create a rich dynamic website with lots of free GoReserva Add-ons and value added service.

  • Most affordable cloud PMS in the world:
    GoReserva offer additional property for only 77cents / per month with unlimited rooms with all powerful feature. What else you need for run your property booking engine.

  • Powerful booking cart allow you to rent any types of accommodation & additional items:
    With GoReserva you can rent room for hotels or bed for hostel. Also if you have Apartments, Villas, Guest house or Bed and breakfast you can easily configure from one place. Same time you can also sell additional items with your room such as: round trip transfer, breakfast or meals, spa, tour package or anything that can fit for any property.

  • Information Architecture & SEO:
    Internet is Growing every moment and competition is higher then you could ever imaging and it's getting harder and impossible for old technology or if you don't upgrade with latest trends. GoReserva specialist teams with 15years of industry expertise design & develop PMS layout and framework to keep it simple for end user, hotelier, super admin and most important for Search engine robot.

  • Never lost your valuable data:
    Our cloud platform design to backup every single account once a day. No matter how big is your website we will backup everyday and store in our cloud in 30 days cycle. So we can always provide you any previous 30 days data upon request.


What do software vendor need?

There is no such a specific things to define business needs. But to start a similar business like you must need following:

  • Domain & Website:
    You need something like website for your brand to promote your products and services.

  • Sales & Marketing team:
    To promote your products and establish relations with your customer and key partners and provide support.


How much its cost?

To start a hotel booking software business in the cloud need lots of investment and time, commitment to find out if its work with your targeted market or not, To keep in mind we make it very easy for a start-up entrepreneur

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What you can sell to your customer?

Basically you can sell everything you want